Over the past 20 years I’ve had the opportunity to learn from different companies and contexts what distinguishes healthy, motivated, high performing teams from all the rest. I started my career as a full stack developer, working at companies that use agile methodologies, starting with eXtreme Programming and later Scrum  in California. By 2010 I was taking on Scrum Master roles at my assignments, and I’ve been working as a full time team coach for the last 7 years.

I am passionate about team coaching. Supporting and helping teams reach their full potential. Finding ways to achieve organizational goals while developing people and teams. Making the impossible, possible, by deliberately setting and developing a high performance team culture. Supporting teams through periods of change and growth. Working hands-on with complex challenges by developing people and products.

How I can help you

  • Happier, faster teams that are aligned to the company’s goals
  • Develop leadership teams that can lead and work cross-organization
  • Product teams that grow successfully from one to several, that collaborate effectively and deliver high quality results
  • Training Agile Coaches, RTEs, Scrum Masters, POs to reach their full potential and better support teams

Focus Areas

  • Development and growth: Holding the space for tough conversations and helping teams drive for greater commitment and accountability.
  • Deliberately developing teams: Working with behavior to foster environments and team culture that encourage people and teams to be their best
  • Supporting leadership: Growing leadership at every level of the organization and in each individual.
  • Coach: Responsible for the setting the process for team and individual development. Working with the team as they define and work to achieve their goals.
  • Teacher: Teaching teams to curate and develop their own coaching processes, and guiding them in product management.
  • Facilitator: Holding the space for creative workshops and continuous improvement

Customer Cases


Managing Bugs
Building and Maintaining Well-Functioning Teams
Improving Stakeholder Collaboration

Trainings & Seminars that I hold

I teach the following classes, both as open trainings, and internally for companies on request

And the following programs – trainings in workshop form interleaved with hands on coaching over a three month period.

I also hold 1-2 hour inspirational seminars in:

  • Coaching skills
  • Successfully growing product teams
  • Deliberately developing teams
  • Cultivating culture and mindset

Publications & Podcasts